Font – Use Sans Serif font for email and Arial specifically for correspondence.
Email Signature – Your signature information should contain all the information shown in the
example below. You have the option this year to choose one of the following three logos:

LP Script

Blue Las Patronas with Tag Line



72nd Annual Jewel Ball



Las Patronas is committed to providing financial assistance to nonprofit organizations in San Diego County that provide valuable community services in the areas of health, education, social services, and cultural arts, and to continuing our tradition of service to enhance the quality of life in our community.

  • Size the logo to equal the height of your signature information
  • Link Las Patronas to the LP Website (
  • Link the facebook icon to the LP Facebook page (
  • Approved blue for the divider and Las Patronas is hex#243865
  • Approved tan for the LP Mission statement (in italic) is hex#e5d4a6
  • YouTube video to set up the above email signature on a gmail account:
  • Do not use LP signature for personal emails
  • If you need help formatting your email signature, contact Michelle Wiseman

Community Correspondence (including website, letters, and email)
The President and Communications Chair must approve any communication sent to a community
audience. A community audience = 10+ people. Use our entire name, Las Patronas, in
community correspondence and don’t separate “Las” and “Patronas” on different lines.


We are grateful for your support to Las
Patronas this year. LP has granted


We are grateful for your support to
Las Patronas this year. Las Patronas has
granted nearly….

Social Media

If you have your own Facebook or Instagram account:

  • Please LIKE the LP Facebook page and SHARE our posts
  • Use our entire name, Las Patronas, not LP in your post comments
  • Be sensitive when posting photos from LP social events – some members prefer not to be
    included or tagged in posts –ask permission from those in the picture before you post
  • Please ensure your post captures the spirit of our purpose: to promote the philanthropic
    work, charitable giving, and official events of LP. This may include our grants
    process, our Beneficiaries, our work to “build the ball”, and events that specifically
    support the Jewel Ball and the mission of LP.
    This includes class events and it’s okay
    to use class names in your post comments.

Internal Communication (to Actives and Advisory Reps)

  • Proof, be brief, and use bcc: to avoid reply all
  • Include relevant links so members can RSVP, make payment, or take other action
  • It’s okay to abbreviate Las Patronas as LP
  • The President and the Communications Chair do not approve internal communications but are
    happy to be “another set of eyes” to review your message
  • Consider whether the information is time sensitive and better suited for the monthly postcard –
    contact Gay Grossman with information for the monthly postcard
  • The LP mailing list, including email addresses, is private and confidential and may not be used
    or reproduced without the consent of Las Patronas