Merging PDF files for electronic submission of your grant proposal:

With the introduction of electronic submission of your grant proposal, Las  Patronas requires that your application come in 2 separate documents:

    1. The completed application form
  1. The supporting documentation merged into a single PDF (see application form for the order).

PDFs can be merged using several methods:

    1. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro – In the Acrobat startup window, Select   file,  CombineMerge files into a single PDF A video by Adobe demonstrates the process using Adobe XI.
    1. Using Preview in Apple OSX  - For a detailed explanation go here.
    1. PDFMerge! -  A free online website that will merge several PDF files.
    1.  Sejda-   Another online option with a few more options with rearranging pages.
  1. FedEx/Kinko's -  Staff can help merge PDF documents if brought to a store on a USB Flash drive or disk.

PDF size can be reduced at


Martha Sottosanti
Vice President, Grants
1 (619) 823-6545