There Are Two Managed Funds

There are two Endownment funds available for estate planning, bequests and direct donations. The principal and income from both funds can not be spent on Jewel Ball expenses or the administrative costs of Las Patronas. The income derived from these funds may be used to fund grant requests that are deemed worthy of funding.

Fund A – Unrestricted

This fund is professionally managed, governed by the Las Patronas Investment Policy, Las Patronas Investment Committee, and the Las Patronas Board of Directors. Fund A is held in a revocable trust but allocations are subject to the limitations of the Las Patronas Investment Policy.

Fund B – San Diego Foundation

This fund is managed by the San Diego Foundation. It’s investment is not governed by the Las Patronas Investment Policy, and donations to this fund remain the assets of the San Diego Foundation. Las Patronas may withdraw annual distributions of up to 5% of the fund’s total value.