Active members serve six to seven years and lend a variety of hands-on talents and skills contributing to the production of the annual Jewel Ball. Active members also serve on the Las Patronas Board of Directors, steering the organization’s daily enterprise as well as the Las Patronas Grants Committee, which directs beneficiary funding. The Grants Committee makes on-site visits to each and every eligible non-profit organization that applies to Las Patronas for a grant, as well as thoroughly assesses each organization’s request and prioritizes available funding. Funding is primarily derived from the proceeds of the Jewel Ball.


2022 – 2023

Board Members

Julie Bubnack
Vice President/Grants
Julie Garrie
Recording Secretary
Lynn Kavanaugh
Corresponding Secretary
Michelle LaGreca
Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Hersman
Advisory Representatives
  • Annette Bradbury
  • Jorie Fischer
  • Lin Foletta
  • Alison Lee
  • Martha Sottosanti
Social Chair
Mimi Brunson
Membership Chair
Mary Powell
Nominating Chair
Avelina Kaufmann
Communications Chair
Rowena Treitler
Assistant Treasurer
Kim Chao
Andrea Marvin
Jewel Ball Chair
Mio Hood
Immediate Past President
Tina Boynton
Information Technology Chair
Carol Gasaway
Investment Committee Chair
Misti Coleman
Kim McIntyre


Active Members

  • Karen Benito
  • Mimi Brunson
  • Julie Bubnack
  • Sara Carpenter
  • Jessica
  •      Castagnola
  • Kim Chao
  • Misti Coleman
  • Lizzet Fitz
  • Julie Garrie
  • Carol Gasaway
  • Jessica Goff
  • Laurel Hanson
  • Lisa Hersman
  • Mio Hood
  • Sara Hunziker
  • Ashley Jacobs
  • Anna Joslin
  • Avelina Kauffman
  • Lynn Kavanaugh
  • Tammy Kearney
  • Mia Kelly
  • Katherine Kozo
  • Michelle La Greca
  • Colleen Lighter
  • Charlene Lingham
  • Laurie Lopez
  • Andrea Marvin
  • Jenny McGowan
  • Kim McIntyre
  • Meredith Novak
  • Jill Peters
  • Mary Powell
  • Erin Preuss
  • Keri Robbins
  • Dagmar Smek
  • Stephanie Stone
  • Rowena Treitler
  • Lauren Walsh
  •      Forgione